2016 dating site in finland

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2016 dating site in finland

Remember to send the membership cancellation at latest one day before the week trial period ends or 10 days before the 3 month membership ends. Oh and when you are logging out a confirmation dialog pops up.

The logout link is right below (very close to) a button to buy coins.

The #1 free Finland Online Dating Site for Finn Singles.

As Finns, we all drink we more coffee per day than anyone else and this is another cool place to connect for a cup of coffee with fellow Finnish singles.

I will be enrolling in a language class but for right now Im looking to meet someone who speaks at least some English.

Why don’t you send me a message too.” or “Let’s hookup”, etc. So I gave a try and upgraded myself as premium membership. Now I can share more experience about the site with you. Coins can be used to buy virtual gifts to other users or you can buy some time for your profile photo on Highlight Bar, or buy flirt powers (what ever that means).

Even I knew that once the week membership comes to an end, it will automatically renew as a 3 month membership, I missed the cancellation date. The page has 10 profile photos on the top of the page on so called highlight bar. However, the information about how many coins you need for the gifts or time on highlight bar is told nowhere unless you have enough coins to buy that “service”. It’s forbidden to have a profile photo of “only one part of the body show the pictures (eg. The rule sounds quite clear and it to me it makes sense.

My experience is only spammers and profiles with false information (profiles having stolen photos).

I case you want to have try, be careful with the automatic membership renewal.

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Finland Friends Date is an exciting & completely FREE Finland dating service that enables to connect successful international singles.